Top Tan Tips

BEFORE Wilde About Tan

For the best results possible, we suggest you carry out a few essential beauty maintenance tasks before we spray you.

  • You may have heard it so many times before that it has become white noise to you, but exfoliating your body before a spray tan will make a huge difference to the end result and longevity of your tan.
  • Make sure you shave at least 12 hours before.  If you are rushing with the razor minutes before your tan, chances are, you are going to cut yourself accidentally.  Also, when you run the blade across your skin, it will automatically open your pores up, and spraying close to this time may give your legs a look of irritation when the solution settles in those pores.
  • Please don’t moisturise before your tan.  Moisturiser acts as a barrier on the skin (which is why we apply it to your hands and knee’s etc.), which can mean the end result may not be as effective OR flawless as it would usually be.
  • The same applies for perfume, oils and deodorant during your tan.  Some of these products can give an immediately adverse looking affect to your tan (although it normally straightens itself out by the next day), you want it looking perfect as soon as you step out of the tent.

AFTER Wilde About Tan

  • Don’t do the PAT test! By constantly patting your skin to check dryness, you are at risk of getting the tan on your hands – not a good look.
  • Stay away from water for the next 4/5 hours or until you have your shower – yay, no dishes!
  • WAT use a rapid tan, shower off after 1-2 hours for a light tan, 2-3 hours for a medium glow, 4-5 hours for a deep tan. The tan will then continue to develop over the next 12 hours after your shower, magic!
  • Moisturise day and night to maintain your golden glow over the next 2 weeks – go on, it will only take 2 minutes.
  • Remember to gently exfoliate your skin with a body polish on day 4/5 to help lock in your golden glow.
  • To top-up between Spraytan’s, you can use Vani-T Bronzing SilkVani-T Bronzing Custard gradual tan or Vani-T Brazillian Bronze Mousse – ask your Wilde About Tan professional to hook you up with these lush organic products.
  • Most importantly, get your next appointment booked here ASAP to make sure you don’t miss out on a time that is convenient for you.

Vani-T Bronzing Custard

For the perfect top up or stand alone gradual self tan, you have to try some of this gorgeous Custard (smells good enough to eat, but not for general consumption!).  If you have a weekend event, or checked the weather reports and they are forecasting sun, it’s time to reach for this amazing product.  This cream is so popular, last year it was sold out in the UK for over 6 months!  So please, whatever you do, get your orders in quick before your Summer holiday, you do NOT want to be leaving this product at home.   For simple application tips, see the video to your left.

Brazilian Bronze Mousse

Another of Wilde About Tan’s self tan favourites might seem a little scary to some…it’s a mousse!  (cue dramatic dum dum duuummm music), but don’t dismiss it so fast, this is a wash and wear in 1 hour tan, perfect for even the palest of us.  If you want it darker, leave it on for longer.  The colour is sublime, the application is easy (see the video to your right for tips) and it lasts for ages with the correct maintenance.   Perfect for any occasion.  For product ingredients, please see our products page.

You don’t have to exfoliate!!!

Bonkers! Check out my video to the left to find out what I’m on about here.

Not all colour is good colour!

If you are clinging on to the last littlest bits of colour (some on your arms, some on your feet…eeek!), I’m here to tell you why this is not cute and how to quickly get rid of it.