Vani-T Brazilian Bronze Mousse Testimonials

Our clients love the Brazilian Bronze Mousse…here are just a few of their testimonials…

‘Hey Hun, I’m absolutely in love with my Vani-T mousse!!!

The application is flawless with the amazing mitt (obsessed with the mitt 😍). Seriously the mitt is the best ever I have used. 

I have avoided self tans as I end up orange and streaky but not anymore. 

It takes me about 5mins to apply which is perfect as I don’t have time to mess about and the results 😍😍 well what can I say it’s the best ever. No streaks, looks like I have been on holiday and non of the fake tan smell. The smell reminds me of holidays I love it. Best is the tan lasts me a good 2 to 3 weeks with my lovely body shampoo I got from you. Dependant on how dark I want my tan depends on how long I leave it on. So because I like it dark I leave it on for 2 hours wash it off and go. Best thing is it keeps developing so if I don’t have time to leave it on long I know I’ll still get gorgeous results.

The price is perfect for a top quality tan. I buy these as gifts for my friends as they are so well priced. All the products are. Thank you sooo much for introducing me to such  fab products xxx’

‘I recently tried Vani T Brazilian Bronze Mousse and so glad I did.  I had actually given up with self tanning products having had many mishaps with application, colour and patchiness. I have used Fake Bake, St Tropez and Skinny Tan to name a few. Before applying the Brazilian Bronze Mousse I moisturised elbows, knees, hands and feet as I did with the other products. I used the luxury Vani T mitt to apply. I found it easy to blend in on my skin. It gives instant colour so helps in application. The 1st time I used it I left for 2 hours before showering. The result was a gorgeous light tan which continued to develop to a medium natural looking tan. I also applied to my face of which I was thrilled with the result. The 2nd time I used it I applied before bed and showered off the next morning. Again the colour was a medium tan without the usual patchiness and that nasty “fake tan” odour. In comparison to the cost of other products I have used it is certainly the best value for money and in my opinion a superior product. The tan lasted around 4 days before I needed to top up! I absolutely love it! 😍’

‘So I eventually buckled and got some of this Vani-T that Andrea keeps raving about. Being a Fake Bake and San Tropez kind of girl I was dubious, but well….I eat my hat. Vani-T is the best fake tan I have ever used. It’s easy to apply, drys super quick and in just over 1 hour it gave me a beautiful tan. That’s right ONE HOUR! No more sleepless nights with smelly fake tan! Even though I live in Scotland, I will continue to purchase this from Andrea and have binned the others. Go for it… me!’