The Spray Tan Journey So Far

Wilde About Tan is growing, and with a presence in the East Midlands, Essex, Nuneaton and beyond, the business is always expanding.

Wilde about Tan (WAT) is a leading UK mobile Spray Tan business providing the full spray tan solution to clients, delivering a flawless finish every time. This ‘sunless’ industry is a continuously growing sector with clients choosing tanning as a beauty essential which is crucial to many beauty regimes.

With a growing team of mobile spray tan professionals, led by myself, Andrea Wilde, WAT has grown and YOU can now now train with us and become a Wilde About Tan Pre Approved Professional which enables you to deliver a full spray-tan service at an extremely high level, creating happy customers and potential recurring income.

Wilde About Tan Pre Approved Professionals

Wilde About Tan has a commitment to grow the brand and the business and become a UK and internationally recognised market-leading spray-tanning business.Wilde about tan

Focused on professional top training programs, and a high-end quality service, we only approve professionals we have trained and will grow the business in new market areas, broadening the scope of the brand and establishing it firmly within the beauty industry.

The Wilde About Tan pre approved professionals work with our amazing tanning brand which is synonymous for a thorough, caring, relaxed and professional service.  We are all fully trained and accredited through the Beauty Guild and insured and all use Vani-T Eco Organic solution, a product from Australia loved by the likes of celebrities such as Danii and Kylie Minogue, Cheryl Fernandez-Vasini, Jennifer Aniston and Paris Hilton.

How did it all begin?

So why are we called Wilde About Tan?  Well the name came about in 2011 from a play of my (Andrea Wilde!) surname and a passion for the phenomena of Spray Tan.  Originally the business was called ‘Skindeep’ back in 2002, I started in the land of fake tan…Essex!  This was before the likes of TOWIE and Amy Child’s but there was definitely a passion back then for all things tanned and white (body and stiletto’s of course). So excited that our Wilde professional Jade is back in Brentwood now too, tanning Essex the Wilde Way!  Admitting that I have been tanning for over 16 years makes me feel really old, but thankfully my product is helping to keep me looking youthful.  

Where the business started from necessity, a need for a job that would work around my soon-to-be-born son, my love of the ‘job’ and end result soon became my driving force.  The ability to help girls, boys, ladies and gents of all shapes and sizes, at all stages and for all events, to feel fabulous about themselves got me hooked.

So the business grew and developed to spread the Wilde About Tan way of tanning. The detailed training and technique creates great customer relationships as they just keep coming back for more, and so we are now widening the WAT reach and creating a fake tan brand that customers know and trust.

Why Wilde About Tan?

By choosing to integrate WAT into your business as a franchise it will not only mean that you have on-going support and training, but you will also be using a brand that 100’s of clients already trust.

I am committed to not only provide the best in market for training, but also in ensuring the WAT products are organic based, natural and safe for your staff and your customers. The training and products combined create a best in class offering for clients to use and rely on for quality – creating the perfect repeat customer!

At WAT we care! Our tans and treatments are all about quality, from the paraben-free organic based solution, to the overall service we provide.  We don’t cut corners and we treat every tan like the most important one we will ever apply, and our training ensures you feel the same for your customers. We have years of experience and have dealt with almost every situation imaginable.

Interested in working and training with Wilde About Tan? Just get in touch!