The Spray Tan Journey So Far

We are a team of mobile Spray Tan professionals, led by myself, Andrea Wilde, that cover most of the East Midlands and Chester at present and also post amazing self tan products to the whole of the UK. The demand for mobile Spray tan got out of control in 2014 when not even I could be in 3 places at once. The decision was made to take on other Spraytan professionals to continue a safe tan revolution.

The Wilde About Tan girls work under our amazing tanning brand which is synonymous for a thorough, caring, relaxed and professional service.  We are all fully trained and insured and all use Vani-T Eco Organic solution, a product from Australia loved by the likes of celebrities such as Danii and Kylie Minogue, Cheryl Fernandez-Vasini, Jennifer Aniston and Paris Hilton.

Rewind back a bit though, why are we called Wilde About Tan?  Well the name came about in 2011 from a play of my (Andrea Wilde!) surname and a passion for the phenomena of Spray Tan.  Originally the business was called ‘Skindeep’ back in 2002, I started in the land of fake tan…Essex!  This was before the likes of TOWIE and Amy Child’s but there was definitely a passion back then for all things tanned and white (body and stiletto’s of course).  Admitting that I have been tanning for over 15 years makes me feel really old, but thankfully my product is helping to keep me looking youthful.  

Where the business started from necessity, a need for a job that would work around my soon-to-be-born son, my love of the ‘job’ and end result soon became my driving force.  The ability to help girls, boys, ladies and gents of all shapes and sizes, at all stages and for all events, to feel fabulous about themselves got me hooked.

Then I looked into the rising statistics of skin cancer where trying to achieve the perfect tan by sitting in the sun or on a dreaded sunbed was becoming the norm, I realised I was doing a good thing by providing a safe alternative.  I then stumbled across an organic based spraytan solution at a time where I was self educating about the importance of what you put onto your skin was just just as pressing as diet and what you put INTO your body.

So why choose Wilde About Tan over any other cheaper alternative therapist or solution??  Firstly we care, our tans and treatments are all about quality, from the paraben-free organic based solution, to the overall service we provide.  We don’t cut corners and we treat every tan like the most important one we will ever apply. We have years of experience and have dealt with almost every situation imaginable, so if you have any questions, please feel free to ask us. We offer convenience, flexibility and most importantly the team are such a friendly bunch, you are bound to have a good giggle in the process.