Naked Confidence?

SO – you’ve met someone! Someone wonderful. Someone so lovely they can do no wrong in your eyes and you’re ready to take the next step. But before the moment arrives negative thoughts about your body begin creeping in:

“What if they notice my scars, my stretch marks, the wobbly bits I’d rather hide? I don’t know if I can do this…”Anonymous

And just like that, something so wonderful becomes a huge mental block and you spend most of the time worrying, or worse apologising for the way you look!

Does any of this sound familiar? It’s heart breakingly sad but this is something we commonly encounter here at Wilde About Tan. Whatever the reasons for taking your kit off, whether it’s to wear a bikini on holiday, meeting a special someone or simply wanting to wear a lovely summer dress – almost everyone is nervous about what other people will think of their naked body.

Believe us when we say, when you book a spray tan with us, we’re so focused on making sure you’re tanned evenly and all of those tricky areas are taken care of, we aren’t focusing on the bits you’d rather hide – we see a blank canvas that’s ready for a touch of liquid confidence!

But we understand that sometimes you need to go the extra mile to boost your naked confidence. We regularly collaborate with other beauty professionals here at WAT, from hair and nails to massage – but today we’d like to discuss a wonderful way to celebrate your body by introducing Joanna, a henna artist who operates throughout Nottingham.

Henna is a gorgeous temporary form of body art that, unlike traditional tattoos, can be applied to damaged skin. This makes it perfect for stretch marks, scars or lack of pigmentation as it does not puncture the skin – rather it sits on top just like your spray tan does.

When we asked Joanna what is it she loves about what she does she replied saying “improving body confidence and self esteem is my favourite thing about what I do”. Just like us, Joanna often meets clients who need a boost of confidence and she loves being a part of the journey to help others overcome their struggles with body image. Sadly we aren’t all blessed with her artistic talents, but this just makes what she achieves that bit more special!

We’ve included some examples of what Joanna gets up to and we think you’ll agree – it’s STUNNING! Who wouldn’t love to be a blank canvas for this gorgeous art?

You are beautiful just the way you are (and we mean it!), but if you’d like to explore something new, henna could be just the ticket to boost your confidence and let you see in the mirror the beautiful body that we see.

You can contact Jo via Facebook or her etsy shop – she’s ever so friendly and available for one-on-one bookings, events and parties.