The Team

Andrea Wilde

Andrea is the Director of Wilde About Tan and has been tanning since 2002.  She is thoroughly passionate and professional but strives for a relaxed and friendly atmosphere during every tan.  She understands how vulnerable her Wilde About Tan customers can feel whether it is their first tan or their 21st.  Andrea has been featured on Gem106 and BBC Radio Nottingham several times as an expert in her field.

Fun Fact:  She is the ‘Scottish’ one with skin as pale as snow!  She needs her product to look human.

Pippa Frith

Pippa was a initially a loyal and regular customer of Wilde About Tan and she couldn’t wait to help the residents of Nottingham feel fabulous and bronzed too.  Pippa picked up a Spray gun and was a natural straight away.  So committed to the cause, she gave birth and was tanning prom girls just 5 weeks later!

Fun Fact:  Before kids, Pippa took half an hour to apply her make up – now time only allows her 10 mins!  Good job her spraytan looks more flawless and better than any foundation!