Vani-T Bronzing Custard Testimonials

Our clients love the Bronzing Custard…here are just a few of their testimonials…

Just wanted to say after buying my first bronzing custard I’m absolutely loving it!! Going to order another one soon Katie x

I just thought I’d post & share with you all how nice the ‘bronzing custard – gradual tan’ is – recommended by Debbie Gardner it smells gorgeous, streak free and gives a natural glow! Best I’ve used! – Vickie

Bronzing Custard! Thank you so much for the fast deliver. I can’t live without this amazing product xx – Caroline

“Hi Hun! Just wanted to let you know I absolutely loved the gradual tan, I’ve put two applications on over a couple of days & the colour is fab! No streaking either! Would definitely recommend this.”

“Andrea, thank you so much for the Vani-T Bronzing Custard! What fab stuff, I used it for the first time this morning and it has taken the shine off my milk bottle legs a treat and given them a lovely even colour. Best of all I don’t smell like a digestive like I usually do after using other tanning lotion!”

“My legs don’t see the cold light of day. Ever. Cue the need for a tan. You name it, ive tried it. About 18 months ago after an epic spray tan disaster just before a wedding which left me scrubbing it off furiously in a London hotel bathroom. I vowed to just embrace my natural paleness. Until I met Andrea and The Custard. This stuff is magic in a tube. The smell is amazing (it reminds me of sunshine and holidays), there is non of this nasty orange/brown sheet stain and compared to other brands my purse likes it too! It applies effortlessly with the super soft tanning mitt (which btw is not made for a giant and actually fits my hand) and I never get a surprise disaster once it develops. Im left with an effortless, beautiful and natural tan.

I would never, ever use another at home tanning product.

THE custard is the bomb!”